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Leucrotta Exploration Inc. is a Montney focused oil and natural gas exploration and development company with lands located in the Mica area of Northeast British Columbia. Leucrotta owns 240 (net) sections of Montney acreage in the Mica and surrounding area and has identified 17.8 billion bbls of Original Oil in Place (OOIP) and 17.2 tcf of Original Gas in Place across these lands.  The Company recently announced its Mica Pad Development Project that estimates production will reach 30,000 boepd within a 5-year time-frame from the current level of 2,200 boepd.   Drilling is commencing soon.  Leucrotta’s shares are listed on the TSX Venture exchange under the symbol LXE.

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Definition: Leucrotta Exploration Inc. – The offspring of a Crocotta and a lion.  It is a magical beast; a mix of a stag’s body and legs, a lion’s tail and a wedge shaped head much like a giant badger’s. They do not actually have teeth, but rather a jagged bony ridge as strong as adamantine that can bite through steel.  They are apex predators that are powerful, swift and very intelligent.

Leucrotta's shares (LXE) currently trade on the TSX Venture Exchange.